The Information Technology Society of Sri Lanka (ITSSL) is a professional body and learned society in the field of Computing and Information Technology in Sri Lanka.

The ITSSL was established in 2019 in Sri Lanka for the purpose of educating people about Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and to take initiatives in matters pertaining to recent political developments in Sri Lanka with interests attached to field of IT. Sri Lankan law in regard to the Cyber security and the proposed law on data protection were some of focal points of ITSSL and ITSSL have been one of the principal figures involved in the dialogue. Some of the headline interests of ITSSL include the discussion on social networks and creating a hate free platform in Sri Lanka where freedom of expression is encouraged.

Objectives of the Society

The Objectives of the ITSSL are as follows:
1. To be a partner in policy making related to IT matters in Sri Lanka.
2. To act as a recognized organization in case of any problem related to the subject of IT in the country.
3. Develop a mechanism to inform the public and the public about the potential threats and risks in IT field, including the government and private sector.
4. Future: Organizing the most important workshop on IT. Ex: - Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cyber ​​Security.

There are four categories of membership to the Society.
Executive Members
Associate Members
Student Members